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If you work in a region where there has been periods of warfare, major displacement and/or huge repression, your workers have surely met people suffering from mental stress and other problems. Is this a good time to think of actively helping them, in a systematic and informed way? If your answer is “yes”, this manual hopes to guide you through the thinking, the planning and the start of this work:
  • What an NGO Can Do
  • the “Basic Package”
  • Groups, Problems & Strategies
  • Psychiatric Problems
  • Online Resources

Source of contents: extracts from Interviewing & Counselling at the Grassroots and Human Rights In MENA
(, plus contributions from M.L. Moynihan MD;
Editors: M.N. Moynihan M.Comm.H., Drs.N.Wassenaar, J.Anderson

Published July 2010, Amsterdam.