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folder Library

folder Managing the Project Cycle

21 pp. PDF/ODT. Also in  Somali

folder Finding Mental Health after Conflict

28 pp. PDF. Also in Arabic and Somali

folder How to Run a Workshop

35pp. PDF/DOC. Also in Arabic

folder Facts about Female Genital Mutilation

13 pp. PDF. Also in Arabic and Somali

folder Key Information Sheets

Each KIS gives core information on an aspect of NGO management, in an easy-to-digest format. 3pp. PDF.
KIS1: Networking
KIS2: Focus Group Discussions
KIS3: Conflict Matters (also in Arabic)
KIS4: Advocacy (also in Arabic)

folder Simple Devices to Assist the Physically Disabled

58 pp. PDF/DOC. Introduction and drawings. French and Arabic versions also available

folder NGO Financial Capacity

31 pp. PDF/DOC. Also in Arabic.

folder Interviewing & Counselling at the Grass Roots

37 pp. PDF/DOC. Also in Arabic, French and Somali

folder A Guide to Fundraising

14 pp. PDF/DOC. Also in Arabic.

folder Incorporating Gender into your NGO

31pp. Manual and Checklist. PDF/DOC. Also in French and Arabic.

folder How to Build a Good Small NGO

79 pp. One Volume. PDF/DOC. Also available in French, Arabic and Vietnamese.

folder Teaching for Better Learning

92 pp. PDF/DOC. Also available in sections

folder Testing and Evaluating Manuals

43 pp. PDF/DOC. Also available in French

folder Good Health Begins at Home

72pp. PDF. Also in 3 Parts and in Zulu

folder We Kissed the Ground | Carrada Ayaan Dhunkannay

73 pp. PDF in English + Somali. (Guest publication)

folder Gender-Sensitive Indicators in Arabic

68 pp. PDF in Arabic. (Guest publication)

folder Structures for the Displaced

271pp. PDF (Guest publication)

folder We can play and move

32pp. PDF. (Guest publication)

folder Arabic Study in Domestic Violence

47 pp. PDF in Arabic. (Guest publication)

folder On Being in Charge

400 pp. PDF, in sections (Guest publication)

folder Gender or Sex

96pp. PDF. Also in Spanish. (Guest publication)

folder The Rural Finance Landscape

69 pp. PDF. Also in French and Portuguese. (Guest publication)

folder Funding for self-employment

18pp. PDF (Guest publication)