Human Rights & Inclusion

Human Rights & InclusionThese two concepts shape the way development agencies think and plan projects as well as the way aid is given. 
The concept of Human Rights has come out of the UN organisations and puts into writing what every individual should be getting in this world: from food, to education, to equal rights under the law, to privacy.
Inclusion is recognizing our universal "oneness" and interdependence. Inclusion is recognizing that we are "one" even though we are not the "same". The act of inclusion means fighting against exclusion and all of the social diseases that exclusion gives birth to – racism, sexism etc.
Fighting for inclusion also involves assuring that all support systems are available to those who need such support – as a civic responsibility, not a favour. We were all born "in".
Inclusion does not mean that everybody must love everybody else and that we must all be one big, happy family. The question at the root of Inclusion is simply "Can we all just learn to get along and live with one another?"


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People working in development are finding that two questions are increasingly important. These are: who is included? And, who is left out?