The following relevant books are available for download from this site:

Principles & Practice:
Imagefolder The Principles & Practice of Primary Health Care
A concise overview including: • The common pattern of need • The key principles of PHC • Curative care • Static PHC programmes • Interventions to improve nutrition • Health promotion • Prevention & control of common local diseases • Water, sanitation & waste disposal

folder Caring for People with Physical Disabilities: Best Practice in Person-centred Care
People who need care want to be the centre of their own lives. If you are a carer, this manual suggests ways of looking at your work to see if you are doing it well and in what ways it could be improved.

Health Care Management:
Good Management of people, drugs and money are essential for good Primary Health Care. An excellent manual, folder On Being in Charge, is available from our site, courtesy of WHO.

Management principles are also covered in folder How to Build a Good Small NGO:

  • the Management cycle and Community Involvement are covered in Section A
  • People Management is covered in Section B
  • Financing is covered in Section D

Download folder Teaching for Better Learning if you are planning to teach health care staff.

Also available:

folder Interviewing & Counselling at the Grass Roots

folder How to Run a Workshop

folder Incorporating Gender into your NGO

folder A TBA manual – and How to Adapt it to your local culture

folder The Project Cycle – A Teaching Module

folder Good Health Begins at Home – a Guide for Literacy Tutors

folder Testing and Evaluating Manuals

Community Involvement in Water Management Project (Online case study)