2012 Report

Stichting Networklearning 2012 Report



  • New manuals and other developments
  • Website: traffic / visitors / links / search terms / manual downloads / articles
  • Financial report

New manuals and other developments

In 2012, Networklearning created the following new English-language titles for the Library:


Refugees from MENA to Northern Europe: Pressures & Solutions (34-page manual)

Beginner’s Guide to NGO Financial Capacity (31-page manual)

KIS4: Advocacy (3-page Key Information Sheet)

The following titles were localized into Arabic:


Refugees from MENA to Northern Europe: Pressures & Solutions

Beginner’s Guide to NGO Financial Capacity

Finding Mental Health after Conflict (28-page manual)

KIS 3: Conflict Matters (3-page Key Information Sheet)

website-devicesThe website system was upgraded to joomla 2.5, with an improved design that features responsive layout for tablets and smartphones.

Due to geographic separation of board members following their moving house, we adopt and learn to use Skype with video for discussion and meetings.

Website: traffic

In 2012, website traffic increased roughly 50%.

– An average 5,500 unique visitors per month

– 100,000 visits over the year

– Twice as many page views as previous year


Website: visitors

According to logs, the most visits from developing countries in the South are from South Africa, India and Kenya.

However only a small percentage of visitors are logged by country. Also, most visits logged from certain countries – Russia, Ukraine, China – are likely not genuine (but hacking-/spam-related).

A questionnaire completed by 195 visitors to the website who wished to receive a networklearning manual on financial capacity, gave the following data:

Respondents appear to be from 65 different countries with the major percentages coming from India (12%), Kenya (10%), Nigeria and Uganda (both 6%) and South Africa (5%).

The remaining countries cover nearly the whole world, from Argentina to the Federated State of Micronesia.

31% of respondents work for a national NGO,
24% for a regional/local NGO,
16% for an international NGO
and 3% for a government agency,
with 16% self-employed and 9% ‘other’.

The top 3 fields in which respondents were working were:

Poverty & Income Generation (41%),
Health & PHC (16%),
Human Rights & Inclusion (11%).

Website: links

In 2012, 84% of traffic came from bookmarks or direct input of the address.

12% of traffic came from search engines (the vast majority via Google).

< 4% of traffic came from links on other sites. The main NGO-specific referrers include ngomanager.org, hrdiscussion.com, widernet.org, eldis.org and amnesty.org.

Website: search terms

The list shows the top 25 search engine terms. The most popular search terms used by visitors to access the site are concerned with:

1) report writing guidelines

2) methods of poverty alleviation

3) primary health care principles.

Website: manual downloads

Average total downloads per month in the three years 2010-2012: 3,167

Website: articles

The list gives the 25 most-viewed articles with average views per month


Financial report

Stichting Networklearning was incorporated in 2008. The stichting banks with the Triodos bank.The management accounts, below, are given in euros.


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