We all Work in Development.

Development workBetween us all, South and North, there is a huge body of experience. Together we know the different Development fields. Their problems – and solutions.

There is one job we all need to do – keep learning. If you do not believe this, think of how much has changed in our work over the last, say, 10 years.

Perhaps the biggest change is the move towards partnerships – between donors and beneficiaries, managers and target groups, women and men, South and North.

Perhaps we agree with all this but do not know how to translate it into practice – so we need new skills and knowledge.

This site has been developed to help us in this learning process.

About Networklearning


www.networklearning.org is the creation of a group of volunteers with long-term experience in humanitarian and development work.

We are an officially registered foundation in the Netherlands ('Stichting Networklearning'). On the board are:

Maeve Moynihan
Maeve Moynihan

nicolien 2015
Nicolien Wassenaar

Jon Anderson
Jon Anderson

Our vision: to be a knowledge centre and linking network and so contribute to development through capacity building.

Our mission: to enhance capacity building of NGO and CBO staff and others working in the development or humanitarian sector for developing countries, by providing free access to materials concerning skills and knowledge development.

Our goals:

  • To develop and distribute, through Networklearning’s online Library, easily accessible, practical and field-oriented information, manuals and instruction materials.
  • To facilitate and encourage the getting of new knowledge and skills by making top quality manuals, training courses and other information materials available, easily and free of cost.
  • To link people to resources, organisations, other users, websites and materials.
  • To foster a network of learning and the exchange of knowledge, skills and information between users.
  • To keep users well informed and updated on new developments.
  • To develop and maintain links with other organisations striving for the same purpose.
  • To encourage users to distribute our materials, and contribute ideas and content for new manuals or case studies. What materials could you contribute or write? Think about it and... contact us!

Networklearning Services

» Free Online Resources

» Free Website Critique

» Low-cost Website upgrade & Editing Services

» Free Website Development (via partner)

Free Online Resources

Networklearning offers all its manuals and other online resources free of charge (subject to our terms of use).

  • All our manuals (Word and PDF documents) can be found in the library.

library-iconTip: to find a particular title, instead of scrolling through the whole list you can use the 'Library Themes' menu which appears at the left of the library page.

  • All our other resources (articles and links to information) are categorized into NGO Fields and NGO Skills.


To locate information on specific keywords, use the FIND search box (at the right of every page).

Free Website Critique

For NGOs in the South only – your website is the most important vehicle for presenting your work, not least to donors. But if it is badly designed or full of bad English it won't do the job properly.

» Contact us and we will review the quality of your site. We will give you our opinion on its 'roadworthiness' – and a list of essential things you should fix. You can then get these done locally, or, if you have funding, we now offer…

Website upgrade & Editing Services

website upgradeFrom 2011, Networklearning offers its considerable experience to small NGOs in the North and South who are ready to move to the next level – at an affordable cost for limited budgets.

We can help you bring your presentation to a modern professional standard, for example:

English text to a professional standard

Website improvements (overall presentation)

A brochure or e-publication (PDF)

A complete website in open source joomla CMS.
   » An example of the sort of site that can be developed: ACENYC

» Contact us with your requirement. We will give you our advice, which is always free, and can provide a written estimate for your job.

  • Rate for NGOs in the South: 25 euros (per hour)

Via our partner
Free Website Development

free websiteFor NGOs who currently have no website and no budget – but plenty of enthusiasm – a sister organization, Free to Charities, may be able to help you develop and maintain your own unique site for free. It will be made according to good practice.

You do not need to be an advanced computer user (and if you are, you have other options for making a free website). However, you must be able to do the necessary things at your end, including:

  • deliver your text and graphics by email in an organized way
  • invest your time and creative energy to actively publicize your website

» Please read carefully about the service offered and make sure you meet all requirements before applying (the application form is at the bottom of the same page).

» Here are a couple of examples of the sort of site that can be developed: GLOWA, AFREDECC

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Our site is sponsored by IDstream (website development) and Byte Joomla Hosting, who have provided us with great service since 2008.

Information about networklearning is also available as a handy single-page A4 document (PDF format, 528kb). Feel free to download it and pass it on to colleagues. Or print it out and stick it on your noticeboard.
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